Genho F.

Gun Control in the US

This letter to the next president is about gun violence and gun control. And how this issue can be resovled.

Dear Next President,

Gun violence has to be reduced in the country of the United States of America. Gun violence is one of the many issues we have in the U.S.A. Gun violence caused mass amounts of deaths such as: Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Luby’s, and much more including gang related situations. Gun Violence rates shouldn’t be this high in this country. That is why I write to you about gun violence and gun control.

Gun violence resulted in 133 mass shootings from the years 2000-2014 (excluding gang events)[VOX].Within that same time frame there has been .4 mass shootings per 1 million people [VOX], given that there is approximately 400 million people living the US, that is quite a lot of mass shootings. In 2013 there were about 30 homicides per day and 58 suicides because of firearms [VOX]. Gun violence has shorten people's lives that could’ve lived to 75 years of age. Gun violence occurs because of one thing, gun ownership.

In the US gun ownership is huge, in the US you do not need a safety test or state a reason the have a firearm. The more gun ownership, the more gun deaths. In the US there is 112.6 guns owned per 100 residents []. In 2015 about 41% of americans own a gun in his/her household[]. Guns are really easy to obtain in the US either legally or illegally, either way it is still too high in the US. We can reduce this by issuing a registration, give a reason to have a gun, safety test, safe storage and more; by doing this it will not only make this country a bit more safer but more people will live to the next day rather than not having those ideas issued.

Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Marvin Gaye, and Martin Luther King Jr., all contributed to this world before each one died because of a firearm; why can’t other people that weren’t so well-known live to show their talents and ideas to the world before getting killed by a firearm? Gun violence is way too high in the US. Gun ownership has resulted in many gun incidents. Lives are literally at stake here.This is why I write to you saying the gun violence has to be reduced in the country of the United States.

Warm regards,

Genho F.   

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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