Chiyane Pennsylvania

My thoughts on gun violence

A letter by Chiyane Perkins

   My name is Chiyane Perkins. I am from north Philly. I will be discussing gun violence in Philadelphia and why it is important.

   Let me tell you about the time I found out my friend was shot and killed in west Philly at a family bbq. This example shows why gun violence is a major problem in the united states. When i lost my friend it was shocking I didn't believe it, i thought it was a joke at first. Then , i turned on the news and saw his picture and it felt like the whole world stop. Because before the end of the year we were talking about playing each other in basketball, we both like the golden state warriors and how we both were going it make in the NBA and WNBA. This example shows that if you mess around with the wrong people outside on the streets and get away with it , everything comes back around in a full circle to mess everything up when everything is just getting better for you.On 6abc news around 12am Monday in the 1800 block of south 31st street. Police say one of the bullets hit brown in the back . he was pronounced dead at 12:37am. Police do not believe brown was the intended target of the shooter. Shooting in south Philly drive by's. Asir Brown was a 16 yrs old boy who was a student at Olney Charter High School and had big dreams ahead of him. (If you want to read about Asir, click here: 

Asir Brown was only one victim of gun violence in 2016.

   Another incident happen on 6 abc news it said it been a violent 24 hours in the city of Philadelphia. Three people are dead after three separate shootings.there are shootings every six years. And, just yesterday a woman carrying a baby was among two innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire in what police say was a bizarre shooting at a busy South Philadelphia intersection in broad daylight. It happened around 4:35 p.m. Monday at 18th and Wharton streets - where police have found 17 shell casings. Police say a 32-year-old mother who was carrying her 10-month-old baby boy was struck by a stray bullet in her left upper arm close to her shoulder.A few feet away, a 62-year-old woman was struck in the leg by another stray bullet. Both women were taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in stable condition.

  Both are said to be innocent bystanders. A third person, a 40-year-old male, was shot in the leg, also listed in stable. It's unclear if he was the intended target. All these previous shootings happened in south philadelphia.

   These three haven't been the only victims of guns violence in philly. As of yesterday September 21,2016 208 people have died by homicide. 83% were killed by firearm. 2,629 gun death can fill up the philadelphia community college

  In Conclusion to the gun violence in philly i feel as though as you being the president you should be more strict on guns and make the prices go up so people can't afford to buy the guns from the stores

Sincerely,Chiyane Perkins