Tien N. California


Racism is probably something that will never end, but it can be stopped.

Dear future president,

As you know, racism has been a big trouble in the U.S. that hasn't have a solution for it. It become institutionalized, taking the form of laws, policies, and traditions that segregate and stratify races of people into distinct classes, each with its own status and privileges. There are different opportunities that's easy to see for black and white, or all races in the world in general.Most studies show that the number of unemployment of blacks and other minorities group is twice as high as white. Ethnic minorities often seek low paying and high risk jobs to be able to make a worth. Racism is not only impacts the lives of individuals, but it negatively effects on our environment and communities slowly everyday. And it not only by the people live in the community, police brutality has been a thing around these years. It happens more often now in the U.S. than any other countries in the world. There are ways that we can prevent this from happening, but it would have to be for the next generation. What I mean is we can teach the new children that what is happening is wrong and how we should see less of it. Ways we can do that is by having a class for the students to teach them about racial discrimination or we can have it as an elective which makes it their choice to take the class. You can do so much with the power that you have so why not show kids right from wrong by informing them about this topic and see how life changing it is for them. In conclusion, racial discrimination is not a fun topic, but has to be dealt with at one point or another especially if it cost lives. Change people’s point of views and show the world of what our country has become of race. Inform others of what has and what will happen because of discrimination.

Sincerely, Tien