Jairymh J. California

Nuclear weapons being held in Turkey

An examination of how safe it is to hold our nuclear weapons in another country.

Dear Mr. or Madame President,

There are many major problems around the world that come to my attention and nuclear weapons being held in Turkey is at the top of my list, because of the dangers of the people. The nuclear weapons are not safe in Turkey. They should be moved immediately because Turkey can’t meet the requirements to keep them safe and out of the wrong hands.

The security station in Turkey no longer meets the requirements for storing nuclear weapons on their base. If that is the case, then why are they still there? The government talks about taking steps in making the Turkish base more safe and secure, but nothing is working. Stop trying! Start taking steps to pull all nuclear weapons from Turkey and bring them back to the United States, so we have more control of maintaining the weapons. We have high military power along with ferociously well-trained and equipped American troops that we need to put to task to protect what another country cannot.

What was the point of putting the nuclear weapons there in the first place? We don’t know who Turkey may have on the inside. Look at what’s going on in the world with all the terrorist attacks happening around us. For example, I read an article from Foreign Policy written by Jeffrey Lewis entitled “ American Nukes Aren’t safe in Turkey Anymore,” stated that “ A Turkish Commander was arrested for helping bomb his own country’s Parliament’. We don’t know what anybody is capable of, but we will if we have them closer to protect the weapons. Seeing Turkey handle the security over the nuclear weapons should give us an idea on what we need to do to improve the security. We know how dangerous the devices are and what they will do if anything goes wrong. It is your job to also protect the citizens of the United States, and not put us in danger by relying on Turkey’s army to protect American weapons. Who knows what they will do? The weapons may be vulnerable to capture and use against us.

The Turkish government says the weapons are a political liability that shouldn’t be mentioned. If they’re a liability, they serve no purpose and are an evident security threat. Jeffery Lewis was told by our government that having these weapons around symbolizes our commitment to NATO. I think the United States government just does not want to relinquish the weapons because they like having that kind of control over the United States. But they also have to understand what danger the government are putting the U.S. citizens in. Stop being selfish, and start thinking about all the innocent people you can put in harm’s way if you continue to keep the nuclear weapons in Turkey.

Please consider bringing all nuclear weapons to the United States to keep them out of the wrong hands. We can do a better job of protecting the weapons and have more control on who has access to them. Thank you for your consideration.


Jairymh J.

Yreka High School

English IV

12th grade students at Yreka High School.

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