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How I Feel About Immigration

Dear  Presidential Candidate                

      Immigration is a very serious topic. People are split two ways, one group  believe that the way to become an American citizen is too easy and another believe is too hard to become a citizen. One concern about this issue is that the border is not well protected. Immigrants come here legally and some come illegally. I believe that we need a stronger border but the way people become citizens is fine the way it is. When one says I don't like that we allow too many immigrants in America they forget that more often than not their family were  immigrants If you are a presidential candidate you cannot say that illegal immigrants should not be here or that  Illegal immigrants take health care, food stamps(which allow people without a job to get food that comes from taxes) but getting those benefitd is not fair to legal immigrants who have to wait for those same benefits.  We can create jobs for people who speak English and other languages to help translate to help them become a citizen.  Legal Immigration also creates more jobs by supplying needed workers But they need to come to the U.S legally.