Desiree Kentucky

Should everyone in America work if able to?

How do you feel to work hard everyday, and not get any help? When people who don't work get all the help.

Dear Next President,

There is a special topic I want to talk to you about, and it’s about people working in the US. Surely you know everyone in America doesn’t work and doesn’t have to work, because assistance will be provided to them every month if needed. Assistance is fine, but I think you shouldn’t be able to get assistance if you’re not even doing anything. I think people should have to get a job in order to get the help. Its not fair to the people who do work everyday, tired mornings, long nights to not get any help, but the people who don’t work get all the help. It’s just handed to them, and its not fair. Some people have a reason not to work. I understand if you just got laid off and your looking, hurt yourself, just retired or etc.. You need support in order to make it, because you either retierd, hurt yourself, lost your job or something else, but not all people have a reason they choose not to work. The CNS news did a topic on this a couple years ago, they found out more people were on welfare than full time workers. According to the Census Bureau in 2012, about 35.4 percent in the United States were living on welfare. As long as you're trying, help will be provided but if you're not trying to help yourself, help shouldn’t be provided.