Heather Massachusetts

Too much homework

Why students should receive less homework on a daily basis

Dear future president,

 Good afternoon,and congrats on winning the election. As the president, you have a huge amount of power that could fix serious problems in today's world. In this letter I will be talking about how students receive too much homework on a daily basis.I agree that teachers should give homework, but I find it unfair that they pile it on us and have it be due the next day.Most students play sports after school,and with homework added on, it can result in a very busy schedule.High school students are stressed over and over again every night for the same reason, too much homework. With this amount of stress on students, it can cause the student to lead to health issues with the students body and mind. Examples are anxiety, depression, eating habits,headaches, sleep deprivation, social abilities, family issues, and more. that can really take a toll on anybody. Studies show that most students now get between 7 and 7 1/4 hours of sleep each night. The recommended hours needed for a student is between 9 and 9 1/4 hours. Most students don't get the two more hours of sleep that they need.Not just high school students are faced  at the fact of too much homework either, kids in kindergarten are even stressed with the immense amount of homework. This amount of homework can be a waste of time,especially if the student isn't benefitting from it.I believe that there's a solution to fix this. 

-Heather Graham