Ngozi E. Pennsylvania

The Necessity of National Security

National security is a very important matter that is dealt harshly in the United states. Why is this not simple you ask. The ability to protect the nation is not as hard as it sounds. But accounting for threats inside and outside the U.S. is a more than anyone can expect. And to add on, how down make the people feel safe and keep their rights equally at the same time?

Dear Next President,

At first, I would like to congratulate you for becoming the 45th president of the United States. You’ve earned it and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do as our President. But back to the matter at hand. I will be talking to you about a matter that can not go passed without being looked into. The issue that I will write about will be matters of National security. This matters to me because there have been examples over the past couple of years on how the U.S. has been breached and a tragedy always ends up happening in the end. I wanted to see something done about it that gives us more protection but at the same time doesn’t take our rights away.

On the matter of National Security, I would like to say a quote that my mother says a lot “Prevention is better than cure”. It basically means that if we would need to prevent a breach we need to spot it so it doesn’t become a bigger problem in the end or later on. If we think about it, the attacks and threats that have happened in the country's past years, they were all devastating and should have never happened. But they did. We obviously don’t want this, so we need to stop it by tightening our security. But if we don’t do this, what’s to stop them from doing this again.

Logically, in an example, if someone takes candy from a pile that they shouldn’t have and you tell them to stop, what would stop them from taking the candy again. But if you tighten the security, you can stop anyone from doing it again. This can have a correlation to our nation’s security. And this does lead to border control which I am for. This has been used before and it hasn’t gotten very positive reviews from people. More like mixed. It almost seems like they target people so they can’t enter the United States.

This is not what I want. People are so hesitant because people outside the U.S. like Mexico is separated by a thin line. There can be possibilities of threats out there that we don’t know about. I will stand by it, but only if it is the very last thing I would have to do. I am split between sides because I want people to equal and be able to get into our country, but what is the possibility that that someone is a terrorist. Like during border patrol, an officer was run over and killed by smugglers in California. How would he or we know if they were innocent or not? How would we know which is which?

That’s the thing, we don’t know which is which. If we don’t know who someone is, they can get passed our borders and do some serious damage like committing terrorists attacks and causing catastrophic destruction. Speaking of, when dealing with threats, I would like to remind you of the saying my mom said about it’s best to stop them early or disasters could happen. When 9/11 occurred, the United States, as a whole, was devastated. I was shocked myself when I heard the news at the time I was old enough. That feeling made me feel horrible and defenseless at the same time. I hated it. We needed to have additional security at that one moment which is what we should do now since we're dealing with threats such as ISIS and other unknown threats.

We need to protect ourselves heavily. Anything could happen at any moment. But it’s not just the threats outside the U.S. that we should be worried about. We should also be worried about the inside. Like when threats were made against the School District of Philadelphia, schools, and children alike. I felt scared and still do, for me, loved ones and others. You can’t actually prevent anyone from making threats, but you can prevent what they will do after that. Do this by strengthening the security in our nation. The people we threaten our country threaten us. They need to be stopped. We can do this is by staying safe, take nothing for granted and focus on the future you want to live in, because that’s what’s at stake.

But going back to the topic of terror in the U.S., that is basically crime. But that’s usual in the streets of the overall world, but incidents have happened that shouldn’t have by the people everyday people. Even those who said that they would prevent it by targeting specific citizens based on ethnicity. The add people from outside of the United States. It’s an insane thing to think of if your targeted away from your home and in your home. Having two threats are over the line, especially if they can be stopped.

For example, 9/11 was a terrible day from the U.S. but it could have been prevented somehow because the national security advisor was suspicious about some of the pilots ad that they had no idea how it could have happened. If the National security was stronger maybe it would have made a difference. And yes, changes have been made, but the fact that it happened still concerns people. And then the threats of clowns in the country, they are basically terrorists in costumes and the threat is growing. And another possibility of another terrorist attack. What will we do about them?

You must have realized the lose connection with the national security in our nation. It’s a serious problem that needs to be stopped thank you. If it’s not today, it’s tomorrow, and if it’s not tomorrow, it’ll be the next day, or next, or the next and so on. Something needs to be done. Mrs. or Mr. President. You must do something because as I said not too later, the threat is growing.



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