Christian G. Alabama

Apple vs. FBI

This letter is about whether or not the FBI should be able to access the terrorist iPhone. For this to happen Apple has to break down a way into their system and if they do then, not only will the FBI ask for Apple to do it many times but now other hacked and viruses can enter the system.

Dear future President,

I'm writing  to discuss the issue on whether or not the FBI has the right to our private lives. Since the shootings in San Bernardino in December 2015 that left 14 people dead, the FBI wants to be able to access the iPhone that the terrorist, Syed Farook, used.

On the things I have read, I have learned that Apple has built a house without any access. The FBI wants Apple to put a hole in the house so that they can hack into the terrorist iPhone. The problem with that is they will ask to do this multiple times. As Bill Gates says (, “If you were to tie a ribbon around a disk drive and cut it (meaning let the FBI in) you can’t cut it multiple times.” Apple is worried about the fact that they will do it many times but, Gates basically said, once that door is open or the ribbon is cut, it's open for them to access anytime.

The problem with that is that not only is the government in the privacy of our phones but, now hackers and viruses that you see in other products can get into the system. This idea would make Apple's products decline in sales because the quality and security of the product wouldn’t be as good as it was; therefore, this is another reason Apple doesn’t want to create a master key. More importantly I would rather not have hackers and viruses taking my identity, and I don’t want to see what happens if Apple lets the FBI have a master key.


Christian G.

Oxford High School

2nd Period

11 grade Honors English

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