Tyrone G. Pennsylvania

Taxes Towards A Future

The taxes that the citizens pay for should go towards things that could help America develop as a country.

 Dear President,

Have you ever watched the news? Have you seen local schools closed due to lack of money, or cars crashes on incomplete roads? I have, but taxes should cover the costs of these things, right? No...because most of the state taxes are going to state funded prisons instead of going to more important things like education, road safety, and medicare which is a problem. According to cbpp.org, The percentage of taxes going towards education is 3%, and science and medical research is 2%. That is completely outrageous since education is key to success, and research for medicare can possibly save millions of people from their bad conditions.

From the year 2,000 up to this date, about 2,500 charter schools in America have closed down due to financial and/or academic problems according to Diane Ravitch (dianeravitch.net). Hundreds of thousands of students have to transfer to different schools, and some families have to relocate to a different area just so that their children can get the education they need to be successful. How can you expect the next generation to have the knowledge to succeed in life if the government won’t chip in more for the schools that are going bankrupt, but they want to put a ton of money towards state prisons to hold people captive instead of investing it to the future of the next generation. When you think about it, this is only the beginning if you don’t try prevent this from happening.

Some people would say that it’s worth it to put money towards the prisons so that no one can break out of them and cause crime throughout America. That’s true, but if we put more profit towards education, the incarceration rate in America would at least go down by a little bit. According to the Washington Post, 716 out of 100,000 people in America goes to prison, which makes us have the highest prison population in the world (last recorded on July 7, 2015). By giving schools the profit they need, we can somehow lower the rate of juvenile arrests (over 3,000 juvenile arrests in America) and prevent more children from going through such a dark future.

When you pay your taxes, don’t you want most of it to go towards a future that leads to success, a future that have cures for incurable diseases, or even a future where children have a chance to become successful in life...because I want my taxes to go towards a future such as that one. I believe if we all work together as a nation, we can prevent more people from going to prison and lowering the incarceration rate; we can give schools in the midst of bankruptcy the money they need to keep children in school to be successful; and we can give profits to researches for medicine to cure fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's, and so forth. With you on our side, we can be one step closer from reaching this goal.

There are a lot of things that needs to be corrected in order for America to be a great country, but I believe reaching this goal will make us reach one step closer to being a great country. Reaching this goal could help America gain a reputation of curing the incurables, or even producing the next generation Einstein due to the profits going towards education and research for medicine, but we can only do this with you on our side. Are you willing to help make America great again?



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