Gabriella & Marykate Massachusetts


In this letter I tell the President that security can be more advanced.

 Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Security. Security is the safety of all people living on the earth or in this country. But not everyone in this country has it. Security is something we must change in America. We can make a difference in this country and save more lives with better and more advanced security. The security now is good, but it could be better, it could be great. We could make it great, and let it stay that way. What we want you to help the country accomplish is better security in different areas of the united states, and more of it.

We need better security in some of the worse areas of the society. What you should do is put more security in places that have the most problems. Security like Security Scanners, police officers (May Be armed), Video cameras, Alarms etc. Some examples of terrorist/bombings that have taken place in this country, “Canadian man named Albert Guay placed a dynamite bomb in his wife’s suitcase before she boarded a DC-3 aircraft; the explosion killed everyone on board. Guay was arrested weeks later, along with two accomplices that assisted with the bomb-making and delivery,” That Quote was from Airport security, “safety movement, widespread effort to prevent accidents that followed the increasing number of casualties in industry, traffic and transportation, and homes arising out of the Industrial Revolution and the growth of cities. Large manufacturing companies, public utilities, railroads, steamship lines, and insurance companies were particularly concerned with reducing the number of injuries and deaths as well as with cutting the cost of workmen's compensation, other damage payments, and litigation arising out of accidents.” In this article from safety movement they agree with me, they agree that we should try to prevent these attacks. On September 11,2001 a terrorist attack took place. Four planes crashed and 2 went into the twin towers. One into the pentagon and one into a field. 2,996 people were killed and6,000 were injured. When the attacks happened the government started to step up the technology at airports. “After the September 11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. government responded by taking anactive role in airport security. Congress passed the Aviation and Transportation Security Act in November 2001, which created a new agency—the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)—responsible for protecting U.S. transportation from hijacking and other potential attacks,” from Airport Security.

Even though the government stepped up the security, they could step it up even more but some people think we shouldn't but if you look back not too long ago to the Boston Bombing we had no security so there was no way we could tell who did it. What this country needs is better Patrolling or Alarms and Security Scanners etc. But what we could really use is more Police Patrolling local Areas of America. We could have them at Tourist attractions, especially airplane security, and then maybe big famous places where most of the problems and accidents occurred. “ World Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency recommend that children and pregnant women not be scanned” Airport Security says. This is a problem in our society because if you think about it someone could children and Pregnant women are not scanned they could seek any type of Bomb/Weapon into Airplanes or closed in security places.

Some people just let people slide by like children or pregnant mothers through the scanning device, but really that person/guard is risking lives. Yes, yes its reality and everyone thinks “Oh what harm could these people do? It’s just

some children and their mother!” when now things can happen. That is when Bad people sneak them in all just because a security guard was to nice. What we can’t do is take those risks in America.“Scanner manufacturers have also assured the public that their devices pose very little health risk. While many scientists agree with this assessment, others have argued that the potential risks of exposure to scanner radiation should be more carefully studied.” Scanners are a really good level of security so we either step up to the plate or prepare to get a lot of bad stuff coming our way. If we do these People will start thinking they can sneak in bombs and other weapons by threatening or bribing children and pregnant mothers or they just do it by chance.

With your most Gratitude and Respect,

Gabriella & Marykate

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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