Madi b. Illinois

Racial Profiling: why it should be illegal

I truely feel strongly that racial profiling goes against basic american standards . Also that it should be blatently illegal so everyone has no questions.

                                                                                                                              September 11, 2016

Dear 2016-2017 candidates,

I may not be very old, but I am extremely aware of the world around me; as many have come to expect from my generation. I am extremely blessed in how privileged my life is, but it has taken quite some time for me to come to terms with the fact that others have strenuous, laborious lives. I get that not all people can be super privileged but at least we can strive to improve their lives.

I can understand that since the terrorist organization known as ISIS have been making attacks on France, America, Indonesia etc. that to some it may seem like a good idea to be cautious around the Muslim community. Yet, I see no reason for Black people to also get this treatment. They have never committed an act of terrorism unto America. yet many regularly face racial profiling. White people otherwise are never racially profiled, not that they should, yet they are responsible for the Oklahoma bombings. A truly terroristic act.

I know that the opinions on racial profiling are split. But I strongly believe it should be illegal. Just because one group of any ethnicity has defied the law, says nothing of those people in a whole. It utterly disgusts me, that an innocent person is pulled over simply because of the color of their skin. But attempting to avoid being hypocritical, I know that it is a very small amount of cops that are pulling these people over, but it's those few that make the rest look bad. I could never expect perfection but I can expect improvement on decreasing those numbers.

I would thoroughly appreciate a few laws directly illegalizing racial profiling, although the civil rights already hint at it. After all, America cannot truly remain a balanced and equal country until everyone has a right to be any ethnicity or race, without being unjustly being prosecuted for it. I simply cannot see any reason not to clear up any confusion on whether racial profiling is illegal or not


                                                                                                                        Madi B.  

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