Holden W. Washington

Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is unfair to minorities and it needs to be stopped

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

I am Asian American living in Seattle, sometimes people assume that i can’t do something because I’m Asian. Some assume that because I’m Asian i can’t do things like, play football. Some assume I’m good at math, or i like sea food. Even though i am horrible at math, and i don't really like seafood. I don’t know martial arts, i don't drive so i don’t know about that yet, i speak english, and i’m not going to become a doctor. I am addressing a specific issue here, racial profiling. As president, I would like you to make it so people are more aware of the stereotypes, so they can try to avoid connecting people with their racist stereotypes.

Racial profiling is when law enforcement discriminate and falsely accuse someone because of their race. One example of racial profiling is the New York Police Department, “34 percent of Whites stopped during this time period were frisked, while 50 percent of Blacks and Latinos stopped were frisked (Rights).” This is important because it shows us that the police are racist and are discriminating against minorities.

People have, and still are being pulled over just for being a certain race. An example of racial profiling is from Stanford, “The study found that police decided to search black drivers based on a 7 percent certainty that they might be hiding something illegal” (Stanford News). This shows that it doesn’t matter how innocent you are, as long as you aren’t white, you could be pulled over, even if you don’t have anything illegal.

Some people do not believe racial profiling is ingrained in our society. They might believe that, “Racial discrimination can be quite indiscriminate (L.A. Times).” This says that racial discrimination can be indiscriminate, or randomly said without thought. It goes against my claim because its saying that people just call out stereotypes, and don’t think about it before they say it.

In conclusion, racist stereotypes are a problem in america, it affects people far worse that you would think. It can hurt people's emotions, and it can actually physically hurt people. So next time, before you say something racist, even as a joke, think before you talk.



West Seattle High School

2nd Block

4th/5th period

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