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Gun Violence

In this letter to the next president I claim that gun violence is a major issue in out world today and we need the help of our next president to make our world a better place.

Cameron Prunier October 21,2016

Dear Next President,

Imagine waking up to a police officer knocking on your door, telling you one of you love ones has been a victim of a shooting. Imagine if you lost more than one due to the same reasons, Gun Violence. There has been many incidents involving gun violence in and out of our country. People have heard the terrible news of their loved ones passing away, knowing they can never come back. According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) there has been 306 massive shootings that has caused deaths and injuries.

Gun Violence has become a major issue in our world. Studies have shown that countries and U.S. states with high rates of homicides also have higher rates of gun possession. According to (CDC) data in 2014 alone there has been 33,599 reported gun deaths in Chicago, a rate of 10.54 per 100,000 people. The total number of gun violence incidents worldwide in 2016 according to (GVA) is 44,599 with 11, 581 deaths and 23,995 injuries. Children between the ages of 0 months- 11yrs.old have 527 deaths and teens between the ages of 12- 17yrs. old have 2,451 deaths, and everyday the numbers are increasing..

This matter of gun violence has had a major impact on children families and communities as well as our world . In their article, “ Migrating the Effect of Gun Violence on Children”, the authors’ (James Garbarino and his colleges) state and explain that ,” Children exposed to gun violence may experience negative short and long-term psychological effects, including anger, withdrawal, post traumatic stress and desensitization (less feared) to violence”. I feel as though Gun Violence regulations doesn’t do anything to prevent criminals from getting a hold of guns they just prevent citizens from being able to protect themselves.

The problem is that there are sellers on the internet that allow people to purchase a gun with no background check or any questions that need to be asked, in other words people are illegally getting guns without federal checks. I believe that people who are selling and purchasing illegal guns should be put in jail because this is what is causing our country to fall, and if gun violence is a major problem in our world then why isn’t the president or government doing anything about it? Why aren’t they putting those who are doing these felonious actions away? These are the questions that most people are asking because every single day a love one becomes a victim of gun violence.

Please hear the people and enforce a law that prevents gun violence, any actions that can be done other it’s the internet , in stores. Help end this war and threats in our communities, families, schools and businesses, help keep us safe.

Sincerely ,

Cameron Prunier

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Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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