Imani Y.

Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality - Unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender.

Dear Future President,

Picture that you are the average female in the workplace. Your physically, mentally, spiritually, and overall able to complete all the tasks as everyone else. So you do but you’re being underpaid. Or imagine that you are a hard working male that didn't receive the job because of your height or age.

Unfortunately this is true. Gender Inequality is the unequal treatment of individuals based on gender. According to the A.A.A.U.W. it was estimated in 2015 that female workers only made 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man. This is questionable to me because women receive more college and graduate degrees than men. Women also make up almost half of the workplace. So still we ask the question “Why are women underpaid?”. The answer varies from women simply choosing underpaying jobs to women having care giving responsibilities. As a young adolescent female soon to be involved in the workplace, I would love to do my job knowing that I’m earning my equal pay.

Gender Inequality is an issue that has been around since 1900's and still exists today in various forms. One of the forms is known as “The Wage Gap”. Like I stated previously, female workers are more underpaid than male workers. Fortunately there has a been a benign increase in the wage gap since 2007. But if the change continues at a slow pace, it will take 44 years,2059, for women to reach pay equity. Gender Inequity doesn’t always refer to women. For instance, Ventura Corporation is a beauty products organization. They were sued for not allowing men to work for them as sales representatives. Hopeful and determined females and males that aren't able to work or even get hired to an occupation because of their gender are greatly affected. Though Gender Discrimination is illegal, it still is occurring. This issue in the workplace can support harassment and turn workplace into an uncomfortable and hostile environment.

Victims of gender discrimination have to right to file lawsuits. As a way to prevent this issue more men should fight against all forms of gender inequality. Another helpful way to prevent gender discrimination would be social media to grasp the attention of the youth.

Please support the men and women that have experienced gender inequality. This along with many other issues has been going on for too long. Create a better system to ensure that discrimination against genders starts to deteriorate.

Thank you , Imani Butler 

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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