Alondra M. California


A Lot of people are smoking and some of the people are dying from smoking.


Dear Future President,

As you might be the next president, I want you to stop from the people that smoke because 86,689 men and 70,734 women died from lung cancer.But in total of people are 158,080 in the U.S and the people are dead by smoking. If they are smoking in front of a little kid the kid might get sick because he or she are breathing all the smoke.

It has caused cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory problems, and etcetera. Also if people smoke they could get stress out and the smoking leads you to have cardiovascular disease. If you have cardiovascular disease it stress in the part that it is called your birthplace and that has to many issues.

Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death, which makes up 40% of fatalities in North America. Since the programs should be made to get people in good shape, get them to avoid laziness, and give them a good diet. In fact, last year, about 610,000 people died of heart disease in 2015.

This disease has prevented numerous people from reaching their goal in life. Also smoking is a another crucial aspect that many of people overlook it has caused cardiovascular disease,cancer, respiratory problems, and etcetera. Many of the studies show that if you smoke you have a higher risk of a heart disease.

As you could see there are too many people that smoke so i want you to stop for the people won't die or to have cancer because there family will feel sad because one of their family members died. For the rest of the people won’t smoke aging.


Alondra M