John Pennsylvania

Homework :(

Homework effects kids both physically and mentally, Read on to find out how.


Dear Future President,

I am a new sixth grader and I have already had to bring home loads of homework and my house is kind of far from my bus stop. So by the time I get home my back is hurting so much to where I don't want to do my homework. I think instead of giving kids books of the years homework I think we should get individual papers in folders.

The definition of homework is "Schoolwork a student is required to do at home." The weight of a backpack should not exceed 20lb (9kg). Most kids carry so much homework home they're getting hurt backs from their ginormous homework amount. Also homework is one of the leading reasons why kids don't like school. I asked everyone in my class and they all said they don't like the homework part of school. Now for my finale, homework effects a kids emotions I asked my friends and most of them said they got bored and tired others said they got overwhelmed and I get so bored because I already know all of it so it's like I was in school at 6o'clock pm. Home work should be a choice unless it is a graded piece of homework or overdue classwork.

In conclusion, I think you, as the future President, should reduce the amount of homework and therefore making school a happier and better place.