Ava Pennsylvania

School Security

Schools need more security. Children and teachers shouldn't be scared to go to school.

October 11, 2016

Dear Future President,

The Presidential Election is coming up in November, and there are many issues going on in this world. Today, I am here to talk to you about school safety and security. As a sixth grader, this concerns me deeply. It scares me to know that schools across the Nation are being broken into by individuals, many are armed, and harming students and teachers due to poor security.

To students, school security effects learning and focus. It also causes them to be weaker emotionally, physically, and socially if they don’t feel safe in what should be a safe environment.Did you know, each year 1,200 people are accused of breaking into and harming schools? That means over 12,000,000 students may not be very comfortable with their school environment each year! I know you remember the tragedy of Sandy Hook. Twenty students and six adults were killed because of the lack of security guards and adults. And yes you’re probably thinking well that happened over two years ago! But just recently, in South Carolina, one child was killed due to no security measures at recess. Two others were at risk of dying!

In conclusion, I think that you should create a law that encourages schools to have more security and supervision. No student or parent should have to be worried about themselves or their child. So, what would you do?