Jacob Pennsylvania

Are Athletes Good Role Models ?

People love athletes, but are they good role models for kids?

Dear Future President,

Do you love all athletes, all stars and teams? Do you thing they are good role models? I say some are good role models but more could be. Thatโ€™s what I would like to talk about in this letter: how athletes are good and bad role models. Some athletes make a lot of bad decisions like smoking, child abuse and arrest.

Athletes are good role models but they need responsibility. My brother used to like Michael Vick, a former star QB on the Philadelphia Eagles, until his arrest with killing innocent dogs. He should be working on these bad habits and become a better person and role model. Athletes like Kobe Bryant are doing good things like charity and visiting kids hospitals, but also bad things like cursing and fighting others. He should stop that. Four out of ten athletes are good role models like Shaq, Chris Paul and Derek Jeter. We need 10 out of 10 good role models. We need more athletes go to children's hospitals and give autographs to kids and other fans. That is really good!

Superstars like LeBron James and Odell Beckham Jr. have to stop making bad decisions โ€“ like being suspended for fighting and bragging -- and be role models. The good role models should keep it up with the good work and make kids even happier. Charles Barkley once said "Like it or not athletes aren't good role models" But I think he is wrong, athletes can be good role models. You should tell all athletes to be better role models to kids.