Jade Pennsylvania


Do you think world peace is important? I think it is very important, for everyone's safety.

October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you because I am concerned about not just our nation's peace but the whole world's peace. I know this happened a few years ago but the attack in France caused a lot of people to died and suffered because of people's thoughtless actions and ideas. For example my neighbor is Jewish and he is one of the few lucky souls who escaped from the Nazis in world war two. Not a lot of people think about world peace but I do. The worst part about world war two is that sixty million people died and forty million of them were civilians who died. So twenty million were not even fighting and still died. More recent things are terrorist attacks in Georgia, France and other places that did nothing wrong. 137 people were killed or wounded that night in France. In Georgia lots of people died and a very good singer died as well that night. Both nights were very sad for many people and heart breaking. A suggestion is to make a law about world peace and keep us all safe in the USA and the whole world.Thank your for your time future President and keep us safe thank you.