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Animal Rights -Julian H. 08 Renaissance

Donald Trump has never served in public so it is difficult to find any information on Trump’s views on animal rights. Donald Trump’s sons recently defended the killing of Cecil the lion. His sons traveled to Zimbabwe to shoot many animals , a form of entertainment in the world of the rich and famous. .. Senator Clinton voted in favor of animals on four out of five animal rights issues that passed through the Senate in 2007. Additionally, she co-sponsored bills. that would protect the rights of animals,-Hilary Clinton 2007 . Donald Trump has never held public office. There is no record of him every doing anything in favor of or against animals. When Secretary Clinton was a US Senator, she had an excellent rating with the HSLF, even getting 100+ one year. Her average for her 4 years in the Senate was a 92. She voted for a the protection of animals almost every time. Since she left the Senate, she has had little opportunity to influence animal legislation. Her campaign website does not address animal issues at all.- Julian H. 08 Renaissance @ Palms West Hilary Clinton http://scratchingpost.treehouseanimals.org/presidential-candidates-and-animal-welfare/

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