Victor P. Florida

Racial discrimination in the police force

A way to decrease police shootings of minorities

Future President

455 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Future President,

I am a student at Alonzo and Tracey Mourning Senior High School, and I am writing because of my concerns about the racial discrimination that many minorities are facing.

The recent years have seen a spike in this topic’s relevance, many incidences where police officers shoot unarmed black men have been seen in the last couple of years, leading to an outrage by the public and protests that have sometimes turned violent.

Even though this has been an issue that has been present for a very long time, the rise of social media has made it more accessible for people to receive the news, furthermore social media has allowed things to come public without the filtering through big companies that might not release the news in fear of damaging their reputation.

I believe that social media has allowed this issue to be brought into a bigger light and made more global, and this is a good thing, because if no one makes their voice be heard none of the issues will be fixed and would be ignored for a longer time.

I believe that a way to help solve this issue is to make rigorous yearly psychological tests for all members of the police force, and to release from field duty all the police agents who are unfit to serve in the line of duty. I believe this would be a step forward towards fixing a problem that affects minorities from all over the United States of America, many who have to fear for their lives every time they see an officer drive through their neighborhood.

Thank You for considering this matter


Victor Perez

Mourning Senior High School

Hoover Period #4

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