Giovanni N. Florida

The Future

Will we eventually have to resort to Communism?

Dear Future President,

I'm just a simple student in high school, and one thing that has been bothering me is the that becoming successful in life is getting harder and harder. The future is coming in a huge wave, pretty soon all the laborious tasks of humans will be replaced with robots. We are already halfway there, I just wanted you to know that soon enough, everything will be running itself and jobs will be harder to come by. So would we really still be a democratic country if day by day jobs will be replaced by machines, or would we have to resort to a communism in order for everyone to be equal and work and jobs would be a thing of the past?


This is a very serious problem considering how fast technology is moving. There is no escaping the future of America. Another problem comes into play as well in the matters where uneducated citizens could never achieve the "American Dream" because in the future, you're going to have to get one hell of an education to stay up top. But what will we do with those who fall short? We cant just leave them homeless and without work. Would a Democracy really be the best choice for the future?


Giovanni Nagaro

Mourning Senior High School

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