Jack Utah

Protect our Reefs

Reefs are a central part to the worlds ecosystem, and affect us more than we think. They should be looked at as highly important to preserve.

Coral reefs must be viewed as essential to save, seeing that they are a source of medical advances, Coastal protection, tourism, improvement of ocean water quality, and home to thousands of species of fish and other organisms. Monitoring, research, and restoration all are essential to safeguard coral reefs. However, to ultimately protect coral reefs, legal mechanisms may be necessary. One legal mechanism involves the establishment of marine protected areas (MPAs). Because MPAs have the added force of law behind them, a protected marine enclosure—such as a coral reef system—may stand a better chance for survival.

Although the government has addressed this issue in many ways, they haven’t brought the issue to the public's attention in the ways they should. This isn’t something we can ignore, the government must get the public involved in the conservation in mandatory ways. More pollution laws must be implemented, bans on certain pesticides all around the country must be created, seeing that run off mixed wit these pesticides can prove to be subtle but serious issues for our reefs. Also microbeads in certain body washes must be immediately deemed illegal, they cause many fish to die of choking every year. 

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