Diego P. Florida

The American Dream

Today in America people of different backgrounds and unique cultures attempt to achieve the life of success through hard work. Only, the road to it is near impossible in today's economy.

Dear Future President,

Everyone has a dream and goal they have set for themselves to work hard towards. Whether it's to become a doctor, an athlete, or the President of the United States like yourself it is a path that is hard to get through not only because of the requirements and the challenge of it but because the economy is weighing us down. 5 million young adults are unemployed and are not in school. College debt for college graduates are higher than ever in this country and its because of this that students are deciding to not even go to a university. Our American Dream is getting taken right in front of us without us having the chance to fight back. 

Student debt as a whole now totals to about $1.2 trillion and continues to rise. Young adults are putting off marriage, or even buying a house or car due to their debt. Today compared to the 1960s can be seen as completely different, as in back then they had the ability to acquire milestones like getting married or buying a car at a younger age rather than today where the average is around 25 years of age. People are putting off on starting a family and relatively speaking, having a life just because they have to live with the worries of having to pay their debts.

I'm making this letter not to complain but to plea that during your term you engage in a plan that lowers college debt and find solutions for creating more jobs for the unemployed. Young adults must have an opportunity to reach something they really care about in today's economy. I hope that your words are not that of an empty promise but of a plan of action. 


Diego Pelaez

Mourning Senior High School

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