ashley Georgia


Immigrants should have the same opportunities as the people who live in the United States and should be treated with respect.


To the future President:

Most people in the United States think that Immigration is something really bad, and something that should stop. Something people also say is that immigrants are flooding the countries or that immigrants are illegal. However, immigrants don’t come here to do bad things; they come here to do the opposite. They come here to have more and better opportunities, like finding a job or getting an education or even starting a family. Even though they weren’t born in the United States they should get the chance to do the same things that U.S. citizens and Residents get to do.

To begin with, immigrants usually come to the United States for more opportunities. Most immigrants don’t come here to sit around and do nothing; they will most likely find a job and try to make a living. I also don’t think that immigrants should be called “illegal” Because they work really hard to try to make money for themselves or even their family. I say this because both of my parents and my sister were immigrants; I’m proud to say that because my parents worked really hard to give my family what we needed. My parents still work hard till this day and his hard work has paid off. I’m really proud of my mom and dad because although they went through all that they always stood out. But my parents aren’t the only ones who’ve worked hard to be a resident or citizen. There are many people in this country that also went through the same thing. So I honestly think that any immigrant should be able to find a job like any other person can.

Education is also another reason that immigrants come to the United States. Immigrants will most likely come to the United States to give their children a higher education; to be able to put their kids in classes that fit them and their learning abilities. Some immigrants who are older usually come here to finish their education. Some immigrants who get their residency are able to get the HOPE scholarship and have to meet the requirements to help them in school. In some cases, immigrants come to the United States because where they used to live didn’t have access to an education. In my opinion I think that immigrants coming here for education is a really good idea because they should get the chance to have a better style of learning. I find it really sad that some people discriminate against immigrant children by not treating them with respect as if they’re any different.

Most immigrants also come to the United States to start a family and have a better type of living. In some cases, immigrants might be scared to go outside because of what is going on or the risk of getting hurt or maybe even shot. They could even be scared of going out to buy food and catch an infection or a disease. Not only are they scared of where they came from; what they had to deal with but they might also be scared of getting sent back from where they came from and getting separated by their families. I also don’t think that it is right to send immigrants back to their home country and separating them from families; because kids cannot grow up without being supported by their parents. So I think that the government should make a way to give immigrants an easier way to get their citizenship. I say this because families shouldn’t worry about being taken apart.

In conclusion, I believe that immigrants can come to be such great people who stand out for working hard and never giving up. Immigrants come here to get a job, to give their kids or themselves a good education, and to start a family. I find it really sad that people die trying to go through the border just to have a better life. I think that there should be no wall because they should be able to have better opportunities. So many people believe that the United States is a great place and is filled with so many great things. Citizens and residents should not be the only ones living that and saying that. Immigrants should also be able to live a life with great things coming to them and having a great life. No one in this world deserves to live with fear, they should live with hope and faith. So that is why I think that immigrants should have the same opportunities as everyone else who lives in the United States.