Blake w. Indiana

National defense and war

This letter describes my feelings towards national defense and war.

Dear future president 

I believe the war we are fighting is almost pointless. We are losing a lot of good soldiers in Iraq, and the battles are heating up to even greater proportions. We have to deal with Isis ,hopefully this war ends soon.

I care about these wars because we are losing a lot of good men and women, it's not that I don't believe in our country and its military strength, but we need to win this war. End it once and for all. Because I believe another war may begin if we are not careful. North Koreas military power is growing, I believe they are the next threat to the U.S

We need to grow our military power and potential even more, so any apposition threat will back down. We must end the dying of our men and women in Iraq. Along with strengthen our borders, no that doesn't mean build giant wall, I just mean better supported borders. We just need to mKe sure people don't get in illegally. It's a problem. 

Anyways that ends my rambling for this letter. That was all i wanted to say, hopefully this letter says something,


Blake wheeler