Monique M. Washington

Immigrants are okay!

Why do people think so poorly of immigrants? The United States was built on immigrants, they are people just like us illegal and legal.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Immigrants are people just like us and yes, some may do bad things like us but most want to come to the U.S. to make their life better for their families. The United States was built on immigrants!

It’s true that they can be drug dealers and smuggle things in but in reality there are good immigrants too and that’s getting lost in all the social media and everything that’s going on now. People think that immigrants shouldn't be allowed in the United States. Americans think that immigrants are a strength but 37% say immigrants make the U.S. worse.  Let's see if we can change that 37% into 0%.

First of all, people do think immigrants are good people “On balance, public views of immigrants are more positive than negative. By a margin of 57% to 35%, more say immigrants today strengthen rather than burden the country; by a similar 59% to 35% margin, most believe that the growing number of newcomers strengthens society rather than threatens traditions. By a roughly three-to-one margin (76%-23%), the public thinks unauthorized immigrants should be eligible for citizenship” ("Public views on immigrants"). Not everyone thinks immigrants are bad people.

Next, recently people have been thinking worse and worse of immigrants.  A CBS News poll in March, for instance, found that 56 percent of Americans thought that people living here without legal status should be allowed to stay and apply for citizenship (“CBS News poll"). 44 percent of Republicans supported a path to citizenship, and an additional 10 percent said illegal immigrants should be able to become legal residents” (Thee-Brenan). Immigrants should be able to be here and they should also be able to get citizenship.

Lastly, about 60% say that immigrants strengthen our country. Older and younger people all have their opinions on immigrants and some support immigrants and agree that they make our nation stronger, “the AVA demonstrates that the consensus across states on a path to citizenship largely holds across subgroups, including conservative subgroups. Majorities of Republicans (52 percent), white evangelical Protestants (54 percent), seniors (56 percent), and non-Hispanic whites (59 percent) all support a path to citizenship for immigrants currently living in the country illegally. Those numbers are based on interviews among random samples of over 9,400 Republicans, 7,900 white evangelical Protestants, 11,500 seniors, and 27,700 non-Hispanic white Americans” (Jones).

I am convinced that people can be more supportive of immigrants, Legal and Illegal, considering that the United States was built on immigrants and that they came here in hopes of a better future for them and their children. The president is someone who should make changes for good and for the president to help out and support the immigrants and not judge them.

 Sincerely, Monique

West Seattle High School

5th Period LA9

Hopkins Intro to Literature & Composition

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