Amya Pennsylvania

School Security

School security is a very important issue. A lot of children and teachers are getting hurt and some killed. Read on to see the dangers from not having enough security.


Dear Future President,

I am writing about something that is very important to a lot of people, school security. This is a really important issue because children and teachers need to be safe and feel safe every where in the school including the outside of the school to. ''School security means certain practice such as locking or monitoring doors and gates, are intended to limit or control access to school campuses, while others, such as the use of metal detectors and security cameras, are intended to monitor or restrict students and visitors behavior on campus.'' When there are lock down drills the teacher and the children hide and lock the door but once the door gets open and there's a intruder inside the room. what are they going to do? When there's a hurricane or a twister or any naturel disaster, what are they going to do? its not safe the way schools are today. Another example is if there is a flood it might be easier for middle schools or high schools to be good with a flood. But what about elementary schools. We need to figure out these questions before more people get hurt. On December 14 2012, a man shot 20 children between the ages of 6 and 7, and shot 6 adults at the school Sandy Hook. That was a tragedy and that’s one the big reasons I think we should have more security. Yes, I know it was 4 years ago but ''52 schools shooting so far this year leaving 30 dead and 52 injured. So as the future President I think you should make schools have more security and keep the children and adults safe.