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Will national security improve!

Is national security at its best? I'm Asking to find out!

Dear next president,

         I have a concern on the security of America not only our borders, but our households. I want an explanation on what you are willing to do Mr./Mrs. president. I believe it needs improvement because of what our community is going through. We have shootings, guys in clown costumes for scare. It also brings me to ask what will you do for jobs?

         I'm a senior in high school, and i'm not sure if college is right for me. Will the economy get a boost, will the jobs increase? Young Americans are at the age now that we have to make a decision, and if the jobs have not improved it could leave a lot of kids jobless. I would like your opinion Mr./Mrs. president on what you will do for young Americans like me.

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Delta Charter School World History class

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