Alexis Pennsylvania


More cities and towns should have more shelters and homes meant for homeless people

                                                                                                                          October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

Can you afford a house and food? Well if you can that’s wonderful, but if you think about it, not that many people can afford food or a house. Those people live on the streets or in shelters with a lot of other people. They are called the homeless. They are an individual l that doesn’t have a family and can't afford a house to live in. In January, 564,708 people became homeless on a given night. When your homeless it is a huge challenge to get food, a house, and clothing so in some cities they have shelters, but the cities that don’t have shelters have homeless people that aren't healthy. Sometimes they even die from hunger. In conclusion, I think you should make more shelters and inexpensive houses meant for the homeless.