Britney Pennsylvania

Uniforms being more important than education.

Dear Next President, Hello, My name is Britney Morgan. I was born in Jamaica and lived down there most of my life but now I live in Philadelphia and I attend a charter school called Olney Charter High in the north east in Philadelphia. I will be telling you about schools paying more attention to uniforms than children’s education. I will be giving you facts and opinion and telling you stories. Let me tell you about the time I got send home for wearing a black shoes that had this little purple stripe. My school has a policy where we should only wear black shoes. One Tuesday morning I arrived at school at the 11th grade walk in where we go through security. I was wearing a black Jordans with a purple stripe at the bottom. My shirt was tucked in as it should be and my pants were straight and clean. The STM turned to me and said that the shoes I am wearing is not allowed in the school. I told him my other shoes got wet in the rain and I don’t have anymore shoes at home. All the other shoes that I have are colored and don’t have any black in it. He said that I would need to call my parents and have them come and pick me up or have them bring a pair of black shoes to me. I was highly upset with his response. That day I had to walk home and call my parents on the phone and told them that I got sent home for wearing a black shoes with a little stripe inside of it. My mom came home and took me to the sneakers store to get a black shoes with no color on it and then took me back to school so they could let me in for being late . That day I had missed out on my 1st, 2nd and half of my 3rd period. I had to go back to my teachers and ask them for catch up work and I had to go home and do research on my own so I could figure what the teacher was talking about. Getting sent home is one of the problems related to school uniforms. Let me tell you about the facts surrounding school uniforms being more important that education. School uniforms cost over $249 U.S for a single student. Uniforms are mostly wear in poverty areas and parents cannot afford to buy uniforms for their child to attend school. This is why often times kids come to school out of their uniforms. (Statistic Because you as the president has never experienced getting sent home because of your uniform or paying a lot of money for uniform you might not understand what will happen if this doesnt fix. In the future if school doesn’t stop paying attention to what kids wear then soon or later kids will just continue to be unruly and they will not care anymore. We as students feel as if we do not need somebody on our back to tell us what to wear. We do not get to make any decision. Kids will stop coming to school and they will not pay attention because they will retaliate. However, If school should start allowing kids to dress down, they will feel comfortable in what they are wearing. They will give more participation in class, they will be more involved. Parents would not have to pay a lot of money buying shoes and clothes and spending unnecessary money for school. I have discussed with you about school being focused more on uniform than our education. This is important because I care about other kids and if somebody don’t speak up about this kind of problem in our school then who will? People should care about this problem because it will affect a lot of kidz future if something is not done. You can solve these problems by ensuring that uniform is not a first choice in school. Allowing kids to dress casual to school.