Colin K. Ohio

Stop the Terrifying Terrorism

Terrorism is everywhere! They are on social media, targeting teenagers and younger kids around our age. Even worse, they are spreading rapidly! We must encourage teenagers and children on the internet not to join terrorist groups to ensure that our country is safe and. Our country doesn't need any more catastrophic deaths because of these people. Terrorism needs to stop.

Dear Next President:

There are many issues unraveling, that have to do with terrorism, around the world that need to be addressed by you and other people in the government. I am an eighth grade boy from Hudson, Ohio. I am writing a letter to you because I am having concerns of terrorism and security for our country. I know I live in one of the safest communities in the state, but I have the same regards as people living in the Middle East. One point I’d like to make is, there are more people that are starting to join terrorist groups like ISIS or Al Qaeda, even in America. It is kind of scary knowing that in the city just 30 minutes north of me, Cleveland, there could possibly be terrorists without people even knowing.

As President, I beg you to please try to encourage others, that feel that they might affiliate with these terrorist groups, to not join them. These groups number one target is teens of the ages 15-18. They try to recruit teens because we are more gullible and sometimes don’t know what’s right for us. You must encourage teens to not join. This is important to me because it will make our communities more connected and not afraid of worrying about these atrocious things that terrorists do. It is vital for other countries around the world because they need to feel safe enough just to walk outside and go to the local market. In some countries people can’t do that because terrorists roam the streets.

Another point I’d like to make is these terrorists can now hack into people’s social media and even worse, some can even hack into other governments personal information. As President, I ask you to not allow these bunches of individuals to get our country’s information and the citizens of the U.S.’s information. This is definitely meaningful to me and other people around my age because we use social media to talk to our friends, and keep in touch with others. We shouldn’t have to worry about hackers finding and giving out our personal info. This is important to the rest of the world because some countries aren’t strong enough to hold their ground against terrorist groups and could be destroyed if their information is hacked into.

Yet another point I’d like to make is terrorists are starting to make powerful weaponry. For example, they are starting to make nuclear bombs and missiles. I don’t want to have these terrorists bomb our capital, which is probably what they would do without thinking. People around the world don’t want it to happen for the same reason. An actual abundance of countries don’t have enough weapons or any weapons in their arsenal to fight back against these terrorists.This will just lead to mass destruction and even lead to WWIII.

In conclusion, our country needs to be strategic when facing terrorists so that they stop spreading and hacking into social media to get information. One last thing we need to watch for as a country is to make sure that we are safe from any capable airstrikes or bombing that these groups could do. Thank you and I hope you can make these things happen for America.



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