Rielly C. Indiana


Why taxes need to go down.

Dear future president,

I personally believe that high taxation on the rich is wrong. Yes, I do understand that using the money that big businesses make can greatly help citizens within the lower class who are trying to get back up in the world. The problem is that not every single person in the lower class using government programs is looking to get back up. If anything, people are taking advantage of the government programs we provide. They are not meant to live off of, they are meant to get you back on your feet. So all of the money we are taxing out of the rich is only making America lazier and less willing to work. This is directly tied to why unemployment is low. Obviously, we do need more job openings to help with that, but it would be an even lower rate if we had citizens who were willing to use the tools we give them to go out and join the workforce instead of using them to not have to do anything. I do not believe in taxing the rich because I wouldn't want my hard earned money taken away from me, only to go to people who aren't going to use it the way it was intended. Again, this does not apply to everyone, but that is the majority of the American lower class. People are okay with taking away from the rich because they aren't rich, and don't feel that it's fair. Life is not fair. Not everything is going to be even like we make up these fantasies to be. I know that being in a wealthier family is nice, and sometimes it doesn't always seem like I know how it feels to not be wealthy. But I have seen the difference. My grandpa has lost job after job, struggling to get back on his feet again. He has greatly improved his life over the past ten years, but it was all because of his hard work. It wasn't because he depended on government programs. He never even used them. He and grandma worked and still work their tails off to create better lives for themselves. They know what it is and isn't like to have money, because they did at one point. They know that taking taxes from the people who worked hard for their money don't want it taken away, because they don't want theirs taken away either. So in general, I do not believe income taxes should be increased because it is only making America lazier. 

Thank you, future president.