Lao Y. Wisconsin

Climate Change

Climate change, an issue plaguing the world, must be addressed. The effects of climate change are devastating on the environment.

Dear Future President,

The change in our climate affects everyone in the world. Now, some may ask whether climate change is even real. Well, it is according to "Summary for Policy Makers" 2014. Published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the "Summary for Policy Makers" discusses the causes and effects of climate change in the world.

Climate change, or global warming to others, during the last century "the average temperature of the air and of the surface of the sea has gone up by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit" according to Katya Poltorak's "The Health of the Planet: A Report on Climate Change". The most interesting thing about this, however, is the fact that "about two-thirds of the total increase has taken place since 1980." (Poltorak). 

When most people think of the effects of climate change, they think of the ice caps melting. The melting of the ice caps creates problems all over the world. The ocean rises, animal habitats are destroyed, and more. A look at the Philippines sea levels show that it rose by "about seven inches" (Poltorak). Poltorak adds just right after, "sea levels on the Earth as a whole have risen about eight inches since the beginning of the 20th century." Of course, the ice caps melting aren't the only effects caused by the rapidly changing climate. The salinity of the ocean is changing due to climate change and it goes both ways. Poltorak writes "dry areas are getting saltier, while rainy ones are becoming less salty." Having the salinity amount change causes trouble for the environments affected.

Future President, I hope that you will take a look into climate change and advocate the prevention of it. Climate change is an issue that we all must work to stop. It doesn't just affect one person, but rather all of us in this world.


Lao Y.

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