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Agreeing to affordable college

We need to limit how much college is.

Dear President,

There are so many opportunities for future careers that ensure a path to success. But those opportunities come with a price that only some can afford, or another choice is student debt. A lot of Americans face these decisions and live on without fulfilling wishes for higher schooling. This concerns many people and also me, I worry about what my future holds with debt. My brother just finished college and he has a great education, but also a greater debt and will be trying to pay that off for a long time. I would like to go to college, have a great education, and not have to worry about paying off debt.

Americans owe almost 1.3 trillion in student debt spread out among 44 million. This is an issue because in order for America to grow, we need more people to have a better education. There are programs like scholarships and loans, but those are only for some people and can only go so far for someone. But to be honest, who would want to pay debt especially in their 30’s to 40’s? Some more expensive things that might add up with just going to college is a place to stay and things to live on. Also some of the books that you need for classes, different programs and facilities are a lot of money, which will leave you in debt.

This subject is an ongoing thing and will always be talked about. Something needs to be done about the coast of college, because some people are either not going to college or having a lot of debt afterwards. This is not something that people should be worried about. Cost should be cut somehow to make it affordable to all.      

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