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College Prices are too much Money

College is too Expensive

         Dear President,

        College tuition is to expensive for everybody. I know not everybody can afford college. All around the world there is people wanting to further their education ,but they can't. I know  after high school I want to further my education ,so I can get a good education and a good job. I am writing this letter to the next President to say how expensive college is. 

         Just tuition is one of the first things you pay on ,and it is the most expensive. The Wall Street Journal says," In-state students attending public four- year institutions now pay $20,090 on average for tuition, fees and room and board, up from $19,570 in 2015-16." What that is saying is that college tuition is rising which makes  everything more expensive even if the price don't change. When the tuition rises that makes it harder to buy books ,or pay for the dorm room. When the tuition rises it makes college more expensive. 

        Depending who is the next president may affect how expensive college is. " In the last year alone, Louisiana public universities raised tuition and fee amounts by as much as 5 percent." Driftwood says. I hope the next president whoever it is will fix this problem. College shouldn't be this expensive just for an education. We need doctors, teachers ,and an engineer to make a living. Without doctors that need a lot of education (that is not cheap) we would be sick ,or we would't have cured some diseases that needed a cure. Without teachers us students couldn't not get the education that we need. Depending who is the next president will hopefully change the tuition for college. 

           Did you know that college had hidden fees. For something being ,so expensive why not through in some more fees to bump up the price. " There are extra charges to start college such as orientation fees and freshman fees, and extra charges to finish college ,such as senior fees and commencement fees, "  The New York Times says. There shouldn't be extra charges for college. College is already expensive why add extra fees for something unnecessary. You never know what extra fees there are in college ,but just watch out for them.  

        There are three reasons with support stating that college is to expensive. To our next president hopefully you will change the increase in tuition,or those extra fees that you have to pay for in college. Everybody needs some sort of an education ,so why make it expensive when people need help ,or need jobs. A lot of jobs in the U.S. need a college degree which not a lot of people have   



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