Samantha N. Wisconsin

Gun control in the U.S.

Gun violence has increased so much in the past decade, but our second amendment still needs to be protected.

Dear next President,

The gun violence in the U.S. is at a high right now and the increase of gun control laws really haven't made a difference.  It's not the total number of guns that needs to change, it'a the process by which a person can get a gun and having more accountability on the purchaser of the gun.  In a survey held in 2014 on gun control laws, 57% of people believed that they felt less likely to be victimized if they could conceal and carry. I believe, along with many others, that a person will have a greater chance of not getting assaulted if the criminal thinks they are armed. Many might argue that a lot of gun crimes are committed by stolen legally owned firearms, but that is a false statement.  Gun crimes committed by stolen firearms account for only 10% to 15% of total gun crimes. Most of gun crimes come from corrupt sales either by private gun owners and commercial companies. This is what needs to change. Gun owners/companies need to be held accountable. Purchasers of guns and employees of gun companies should have to go through a more thorough background search before being able to buy or sell guns. Also, there should be higher restrictions on gun owners selling their own guns so that the guns don't fall into the wrong hands. Gun violence needs to be reduced but the Second Amendment needs to be protected, and this is the way that can be achieved. 

Sincerely, Sam Nussberger