Equal Pay? Gender Wage Gaps

Women and men should receive equal pay for doing the same job.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to address the issue concerning the wage gap between males and females. Men are paid much higher than women, even when performing the same job. For every dollar a man earns, women only earn eighty cents. This is a wage gap of twenty percent! Especially in professions where males are dominant, women are not being paid fairly. My question is, why are women and men not payed equally for the same exact job?

Women make up half of the work force, more women than men receive college degrees, yet most women are payed less than men. As a girl with high goals, I will be working soon. In the future, I would like to have a job in medicine. However, because of the wage gap, I will only be paid a fraction of what men in the same field do. As I look at the stats, I begin to question if my desired career path is even worth it. I wish to see equality in wages. I do not wish to receive a lower salary simply because of my gender.  

In the past, women have been viewed as frail and were not allowed to work. Now, women work just as hard as men, if not harder. Women are stereotyped as unable to do men's work and incapable of difficult jobs. Women have proven we can do these jobs, so why are we not receiving the pay we deserve?

All people are equal, no matter the sex. The gender wage gap should be eliminated or at least reduced. For centuries, women have been treated as inferior, and unfortunately, I have yet to see an improvement. Future President, I hope you make an effort to lower the gender wage gap and help the women of America get justice!