Claire B.


Abortion should be illegal in the United States.

Dear future President, 

Abortion is wrong. I know there are women and teenagers out there that get pregnant but not on their own accord like rape. This is no excuse for killing another human being. Not planning on having a baby or not wanting a baby is no excuse for an abortion. Yes having a baby will change your life a lot, but if you really do not want to keep your baby there's other options for your child like adoption. Abortion not only kills a human life, but it also can effect you mentally and physically. You will have the guilt of killing another human being on your conscience. It affects you physically because there are health risks with getting an abortion because depending how far along you are, you might need to get a serious surgery.

From these statements, you can clearly see I'm pro-life. I go to a Catholic school, and they teach us that all life is precious. They teach us that once you are pregnant, you are carrying a human being, and that that human being is a precious gift from God. I also learned all life is sacred, and it should not be our decision when someone leaves this Earth, it should be God's decision. It is morally wrong to get an abortion and morally wrong to perform one. 

In the U.S., you go to jail for murdering another person, and you can even go to jail injuring a person. So what I do not understand is why it is okay to have an abortion. Having an abortion is more than injuring a person. It is murdering a person, so basically people who have an abortion and perform them are committing murder and getting away with it because our government says that getting an abortion is okay. The government says that it is the woman's right and choice, but those human beings inside those women do not get a choice. There are about 125,000 abortions per day. That is 125,000 lives taken away without a choice. They can't defend themselves or do anything about it. They are defenseless. Women who make the choice to have an abortion also are affected mentally and emotionally. 

Overall, abortion should never be an option. Ending someone's life should not even be a choice because there are so many other solutions that involve the baby living instead of dying. These solutions should be the only options, and abortion should be illegal. Doing this could save thousands of lives daily. Yes, not having an abortion will probably make your life more difficult, but is an easier life really more important than another person's life?

St. Joseph's Academy


For my fantastic 3rd hour students.

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