Peyton S.

Abortion vs. Adoption

Pro-choice= advocating legalized abortion Pro-life= opposing abortion and euthanasia. The moral of this letter is to show the difference between being pro-choice and pro-life, the consequences between the two, and a resulting option to the problem at hand.

Dear Mr. President/ Madame President, 

There is a huge matter in our country that has caused controversy for years, abortion. This matter is serious and need to be addressed in the best way possible. Abortion has caused and is causing a great deal of havoc for many people. What should we do, as American citizens, about this? How should we, as a nation, go about looking at this? What should we, the people, together, as a whole strive to be to help this problem? What is the best outlook, being pro-choice or pro-life. We all need to pick a side and say. All as one, all as a country, need to stand behind on a common goal. In my opinion, that goal is pro-life.

It’s our decision as free people of this country to have our own opinions on abortion. It is our freewill to go about and choose as we please to do with our own situations. We have the ability to believe what we want to believe and although it may seem like the right thing for some people, it doesn’t mean it is the best, there are other ways to go about handling this.

Being pro-choice seems like a very common choice for people in this country compared to being pro-life. However, a lot people who are pro-choice, in my opinion, are people that have been in a sexually abusive or sexually harassed case and the other people just go along with this because they think it should be up to the mother, the one who is actually going to have to deal with the baby and the whole problem, to make the decision so they support that. Being pro-life means you disagree with legalized abortion, you see terminating an unborn child's life as wrong.  In some cases, for example being raped or an act of incest, people that get pregnant usually want to have an abortion because they don’t want the baby and don’t want any connection or memory from it, because in cases like these they are typically unplanned. Abortion is a legal act in most states; however, there are some states that have made abortion illegal. The majority of women will have an abortion in the cases previously mentioned because they don’t want the memory out of it, the baby, or they just can’t afford it. Yes, I know that these are terrible scenarios, but they happen and most people in those cases jump to the fact that they need an abortion, especially since it was uncalled for. Well there is always another option that a lot of people who “accidentally” get pregnant and want nothing to do with the baby have, and that option is adoption.

Abortion should be illegal in our country, but honestly I do not think that will ever happen. So instead of trying to force the idea of abortion becoming illegal, and instead of having so much controversy on the whole matter, we should try to push the idea of adoption forward more. There are a number of people inside our country that cannot have children for various reasons, so instead of women killing the babies they don’t want, they should and need to have the baby and put it up for adoption. Adoption is a win-win situation for all the people involved. The woman who sadly does not want the baby will have it and put it up for adoption. The win-win here, in this situation, is that the woman does not have the baby and the baby is still living. Once the baby is up for adoption, a mother who could not have a child can adopt it. The positive outcome here is that the baby will now be in a loving family and the woman will now have her baby.

As you can see there are many pros to being pro-life. Life is the key word in the term "pro-life".  Life means everyone is living and everyone is happy. Adoption and pro-life is the direction our country needs to go in. Our country should stand for "life" and every aspect of it. Although being pro-life is not what everyone wants to be, it is the right thing to be in the end. We as a nation need to start this movement of life. 

 Thank you for your time. 

Peyton S. 

St. Joseph's Academy


For my fantastic 3rd hour students.

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