Aliya T.

Gender Equality

Dear Next President, Women have been looked at for so long as less than men. Many have worked to change this, but we are still so behind. It is time for a change. One major example of a need for improvement is the wage gap between women and men. Women earn a high percentage of college degrees than men every single year. You would think this would mean higher pay for women since they are receiving more education. However, men make 20% more than women. It is even worse for women in the minority. African-American women earn 63% of what Caucasian men are paid. In 2015 full-time working women made 80 cents for every dollar a man mage. It would take forty-four years for the wage gap to close if closing the gap stays at the same pace it is on now. This is unacceptable and there needs to be change. The wage gap needs to be closed much faster than forty-four years and more action needs to be taken. One way to improve the wage gap is to have more women representatives in the government. However, women are much behind men in politics. Women hold only 26.1% of government positions. This leaves the United States ranked 29th in the world for women in politics. We need more women fighting for equality rather than having to depend on men to fight for us. Many are led to believe that women are "too emotional" and could maybe not be able to handle big decisions that need to be made. However there are many powerful women in the World who have made huge impacts on society. One of these women in power is Angela Merkel. She has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and she is the longest serving head of government. Women are powerful and determined and have made many achievements throughout history that still affect us today. Through more promotion of women and more efforts to pass the wage gap through laws in government, we could get closer and closer to equality between women and men. We are all equal as humans and we should be treated so. Women have stood in the minority for so long and although progress has been made, there has still not been enough. Sincerely

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