Catherine C.

The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty is Wrong

Dear Future Mr./Mrs. President,

As you know, the death penalty is legal in the United States in many states such as Louisiana, Texas, California, Florida, and many more (“States With and Without the Death Penalty,” 2016). Between 1977 and 2009 1,188 people were executed primarily by lethal injection (“Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?,” 2016). The people that were executed were punished primarily for murder, but also for other crimes such as treason and espionage.

Although supporters of the death penalty say it is “an important tool for preserving law and order, deters crime, and costs less than life imprisonment” (“Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?,” 2016), this aspect of avenging people and their wrongdoings is not a moral way to approach these tough situations. Advocates for the death penalty argue that this justice for the victim consoles grieving families and guarantees that the offenders of horrendous crimes are unable to cause tragedy in the future; however, unfairness should not be treated with unfairness.

The death penalty wrongly grants government the power to take human life. Not only that, but people may be wrongly sentenced to death. If one is unable to afford a strong attorney, their case may not be completely expressed correctly.

It is justifiable to punish criminals with extended jail time, but it is unwarranted to take the life of someone else, regardless of their actions toward others. The excuse for the death penalty to be legal is that it less expensive than lifetime jail sentences; however, in reality a lifetime jail sentence can be less expensive than death (“Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?,” 2016). Even so, no price is worth taking someone’s life. A lifetime jail sentence is more justifiable approach to punish criminals. Even though the death penalty is legal, this does not make it moral.

Yours Truly,

Catherine C

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