Jessica Michigan

Women's Equality

Women don't get treated fairly in the United States. Take a stand.

Dear future President of the United States,

I would like to talk Women's Equality. In the United States, women are not treated as equals like men are. I live in a small town that respects women and treats them like they would treat anyone else. But, in some countries, women aren’t respected and treated like anyone else.

This is a huge problem because women are just as important and hard working as men are. In some cases, women work harder than men. So why should women be treated differently?

Take it from Grace R, she grew up surrounded by people who respect women and treat them like anyone would be treated. On the other hand, my friend Reanna S has seen men at work get paid more than the women at the same workplace. In a job like a factory job, women take home 77% of what men earn. Some people think that men do all the hard physical labor, but that's not true. Women also do physical labor. How are you going to address this problem? How are you going to try and get it resolved? 

                                                                                                  Sincerely,  Jessica