Amelia D.


Abortion is not right

Dear Future President,

I am very concerned with the rising numbers of abortions performed in the United States. I know that many believe that it is a woman's right to do what she wants with her body, but killing an innocent baby who cannot defend itself seems wrong. There are many options for mothers who have unplanned pregnancies and do not want the baby such as adoption. Adoption is very beneficial to mothers who do not want their baby, and to families who want a baby but cannot have one. It provides the baby a safe place to grow up in a loving family while allowing the mother who cannot provide for the baby to give it a safe and healthy place to grow up. Abortion is not right, and goes against many principles that people believe in. Babies can feel pain very early in the womb, so girls that discover they are pregnant later in their term and have an abortion are causing the baby to feel intense pain. There are many better alternatives that a woman can choose to give a baby a chance at life, but many seem to be choosing to have abortions. I do not know if this is caused by the growing number of clinics that perform abortions, or because it is legal, but it needs to be stopped. Many people argue that abortion is not murder, and therefore it is legal, but abortion is taking the life of an unborn child. How is taking the life of an unborn child not murder while taking the life of a human being is? Some say it is because the baby cannot survive on its own, or because it does not have complex thought processes, but a baby is just as much as human being as you and I are.

How does one decide that the killing of an innocent child is okay? How does one not suffer any punishment for committing this act? The killing of an unborn child is the same as the killing of an adult human being; it is murder. Babies have no way to speak for themselves, to defend themselves, or to survive by themselves. It is up to the parents of the child to provide it with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for he or she to grow and learn. There are many families out there who want a child more than anything in the world but cannot have one. If women stopped having abortions, and instead gave their children up for adoption, there would be so many more parents that have their greatest wish fulfilled, and there would be so many more children that were given a happy home and a chance at life. I believe that if you educate more women on the benefits of adoption then more would choose adoption over abortion. I know that some abortions are performed for medical reasons as there may be a threat to the mother’s life, but I believe that modern medicine can find alternative solutions to these problems that do not involve taking the life of an unborn child.

 Abortion is an easy way for women to correct a mistake that they made, get rid of something they do not want, or fix a medical issue, however, the killing of an unborn child is no different than the killing of an adult. Both feel pain, and both deserve a chance at life and at growing old. Neither deserve to have their life ended early because of a choice that someone else made. No one should have their life ended because another person decided that they did not want them, or that their life would be easier without them. Stealing is stealing no matter if a baby steals another baby’s toy or an adult steals jewelry. Punching is punching whether a fighter punches his opponent or a brother punches another brother. So I ask you, why isn’t abortion murder? Why isn’t the killing of an unborn child the same as the killing of an adult human being? That is the question we have to answer. That is the question to which the answer should be that it is the same no matter what, and it is wrong.