Kate S.

Environmental Concerns

I feel as though the United States needs to become more aware of environmental pollution and the rapidly decreasing supply of natural resources. Sooner or later the country, which is a relatively small landscape on a global scale, will hit the limit on the abundance of natural resources. Once the limit is hit, there is no turning back. The lack of resources will affect the country politically, environmentally, and socially. The limit may even produce violence, war, or famine. Hitting the limit is not inevitable. Through careful, meticulous practices promoting a healthy environment, America can avoid the chaos associated with a failing environment. Though the rapid use of unsustainable resources seems to benefit the economy now, long-term, it will be detrimental to society. On a smaller scale throughout cities and communities, environmental disasters seem to be very prevalent considering the level of development and understanding that the government has achieved when concerning the environment. A great example of this would be the oil spill of 2009, leaking into the Gulf of Mexico and threatening our fragile ecosystem. This very preventable, detrimental event still has an effect on our ecosystem 7 years later. Not only did this catastrophe effect America’s economy, but polluted the Earth’s ecosystem as a whole. It seems as though government officials have the knowledge of the environment and its extents, but aren’t applying the knowledge to keep our nation pristine in all political, cultural, and environmental senses. The environment of Earth is our lifeline, producing every necessity a living things need. If we destroy our lifeline, life will cease to exist. Through protecting the environment and sustaining our natural resources, we can prevent catastrophe in the near future.

Environmental Concerns of the U.S.