cassidy k. Georgia

Change our school lunches!

Our schools need healthier lunches for the future of our country.

Dear Mr. President,

I am a student in high school and I eat school lunch about 4 times each week. We need to start serving more fresh foods in school cafeterias to make school lunches more nutritious. We need to serve healthier lunches to help with our children’s health and also help our local farmers.

According to the data, ”Childhood obesity has skyrocketed in the last 30 years , making the need for healthier eating habits an important matter.” Childhood obesity is a major concern in our country. We should also be strengthening our community by helping our local farmers. It’s so important to help the community, the state, and the country and every little part counts.

Many think that this option would be too expensive for the schools and children. I could see that this could be a more expensive option for schools, but there are ways that we can make it reasonably priced and still healthier and taste just as good or better. We need to be worrying about the future adults of America and their health.

We need to take action and make sure we are feeding our children and young adults the right foods. Serving healthier lunches can make a big impact on America.


Cassidy K.