Karen G. Georgia

Organized Crime

We need to end organized crime in the United States of America.

Dear Future President,

     There are many problems that need addressing in the United States. Now that you are our new leader, I should inform you about one of them. Some of these problems lead to people not feeling as safe as they should. Organized crime is an issue some people are facing each day. It is one of those problems we can fix if we unite as a nation to end it. We need to decrease organized crime in the United States of America.

     The United States is a place for people to live without fear of what is outside the comfort of their home. Organized crime is, but not limited to murder, bribery, weapon trading, and drug dealing. These things could lead to serious consequences and with people going around doing who knows what, we all run a possible danger. In some places in the United States you can’t walk freely across the street. The people who live in these places live this way because of organized crime. You never know if the person next to you in involved with some kind of organized crime and jeopardizing your safety. When you live in an environment where crime lurks at every corner, you could be the next victim.

     That brings me to my next topic. More people are dying each day due to organized crime. In this last year especially, people are dying in tragic ways in the hands of crime. People are dying unfair deaths; paying for things they should not be paying for. Families in America are being demolished, separated, put to suffer, and it is not their fault. It is not easy for them to lose a person they love and move on. In some cases, these deaths are causing the homeless population to increase. The family becomes homeless because of insufficient funds and being unable to pay the expenses of a living. All these issues in America somehow connect to each other. Children lose their parents and become orphans. Can you imagine the hardships of being an orphan in such a big place? The number of deaths will increase each year, and they will continue to until we put a stop to organized crime.

     We are aware that things like illegal weapon trading and drug dealing are taking place. This puts all our lives at risk including yours. When weapon trading happens, you do not know if a person planning a terrorist attack is now in possession of a highly dangerous weapon. There is really no good way to look at this. With drug dealing people are receiving things that are not used to help bring up our country. If anything, they are bringing it down. People that are taking the drugs are losing their senses and getting into things they should not get involved in. They are no longer thinking straight and not thinking about anything. All they are doing is damaging themselves. People don’t understand the problem this is and the problems it will create.

     We can try to end organized crime ,but it will never truly be over. We can try to restore some order as a nation. It is something important to many people. This could be life changing to more people you can imagine.


                                                                                                                             Karen G.