Mychael W. Georgia

Breaking of Relations

U.S. bonds with other countries are slowly deteriorating, and it's time the president repairs these breaking bridges.

Dear Next President,

The United States of America, land of the free. A country where equality ranges all around and we represent our country well. Or do we? As of late, I’d have to disagree with that previous statement. The U.S’ relations with other countries are slowly and more slowly dwindling, and it’s about time we do something about it.

Our relations with other countries are what essentially make a country’s appearance and popularity the way they are. Trade and many other factors rely on these important bonds. With the U.S, you’d think it would make it the “great country” it is, but not so. However, more and more countries start to break ties with the United States, and that can come to hurt us later. From an article from NBC News, President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has stated to want to “separate Manila’s foreign policy with Washington’s” which seems to have a vague meaning as of late. Yet, they are now drifting towards China as an economic partner, which could hurt our economy with them. On the topic of Asia, Russian relations are also withering. With hacking accusations and “relationships as low as the Cold War” according to CNN News, these negative accusations will come back to hurt us in the end. This problem is a more wide-scale to the whole United States of America, and a solution is something that is desperately needed from you.

To improve these relationships, it won’t be fast nor will it come efficiently, but it has to come. For example, Middle-Eastern countries suffer from drone attacks prompted from the U.S to take our terrorists groups. However, these often harm innocent civilians and put the U.S in a bad image with the target countries. Mr. or Madam President, did you know that approximately 8.2% of these drone pilots suffer from a mental health outcome, and those who don’t have some sort of emotional distress? Why put people through that, why gamble the chances? You shouldn’t, and this is why we need to take some sort of action. Perhaps we could get approval from such countries and consult a plan. Or, we may hold more global meetings to discuss these distressful outcomes. The Philippines and Russia are their own independent countries, but we still need to bond with them to help not just the government, but the citizens too. The children, women, men, and the veterans who fought for us need you too. Now, other may say we don’t need those countries, and that we’ll do fine without them. I digress, next President. China is one of, in not, our top trading partners. If they start to focus on the Philippines more, our economy with them could dwindle, ruining our economy for producers and consumers.

As our time shows, the United States is in some dire need of some redemption, and it’s your job to fix it! You have to improve our economy, bringing our support back together. Otherwise, the consequences could be quite severe for us Sir or Madam. You need to consider this, as it could help us all dearly.


Mychael Williams