Devon P. Massachusetts

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a big problem in America. People can come in unsupervised and with whatever they want. Our country should be more secure from the people that aren't looking to be a good American.

Dear president,

        Illegal immigration is a very big issue in our country. In America there are about 11 million people that are in the country illegally and are not being checked on by the government. 

        There are two ways that people that are in our country are considered illegal. These people can get on a airplane and get here legally, but not get their citizenship and stay here too long. These people are not the people to be most concerned about. The second way in is they sneak around and come into our country not known about or not documented. These people have no supervision and can get along without the country having any knowledge of them. These people have much more potential to do bad things. With nobody knowing that they are coming in they could have an intention to do bad things and come in with the tools to do bad things, and we would never even know who they are. People could walk in with explosives, guns or anything they want to bring in. Anybody willing to come into our country with the intention to do bad things can do those things.

         Not all of the people that are coming into our country are bad people. A lot of the people coming in are willing to do their job of being a citizen. We need to get as many of these people in our country to become legal, and start trying to benefit our country. 

        Our borders make it very easy for people to get in. We need to make it harder for illegals to get in, but not as time consuming for people to become legal. People should want to become a legal citizen.